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Our experts combine science and humanist sensitivity to help your organization perform better by focusing on human strengths and potential.

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I want my team members to be sitting in the right seat and be able to work from their strengths. Having their MPO profile in mind gives me one more tool to make better organizational choices.

Caroline Baril

Co-owner and Assistant Director, UDACO

MPO helped me create a portrait of my teams and made sure I had the right people in the right place.
It’s a user-friendly tool that lets me better manage the careers of our high-caliber employees, who have profiles that are in demand. We avoid losing the good ones, and we plan their advancement within the company, based on their preferences and their potential. We have improved how we interview and have a better sense of how to check on any concerns.

Cindy-Lou Shapcott

Director of Human Resources, VOYAGES À RABAIS


Unconscious Bias in the Hiring Process

Unconscious Bias in the Hiring Process

A recruiter’s brain receives a large amount of information. Unconsciously, certain mechanisms are activated to sort, process and analyze them. In the process, certain memory distortions and personal beliefs allow the brain to make shortcuts, retain some informations...

On the Origin of Les Alchimistes Conseils!

On the Origin of Les Alchimistes Conseils!

  The adventure of Les Alchimistes Conseils began long before I knew my life would lead to creating this organization. Its foundation traces back to the very beginning of my life, when significant events contributed to shaping the person I am today and my feelings...

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