Team Synergy: The Secret to a Profitable Investment

What do you think your team needs to perform? What actions do you take to enable your employees to build relationships, develop a sense of belonging, feel recognized, competent and supported by their peers? What are you putting in place to foster communication and collaboration within your team?

Organizations have every advantage to invest in the synergy of their team. The motives are clear, it pays off!

  • Improved communication

Teambuilding workshops can help reduce misunderstandings and miscommunication. According to some sources, corporate misunderstandings can cost thousands of dollars per employee each year.


  • Increased employee engagement            

Highly engaged teams show a marked improvement in productivity.


  • Reduced turnover

The costs associated with replacing an employee can range from 50% to 200% of their annual salary, depending on the role and industry. Effective teambuilding workshops can help improve retention.


  • Better job satisfaction

Better collaboration and communication can lead to greater job satisfaction, which in turn can reduce absenteeism.

The performance of a team undeniably depends on the knowledge (awareness) of oneself and others. Knowing each other better allows us to better collaborate. And this is true within the team, but also with clients and suppliers.


What is knowledge (awareness) of oneself and others?

  • It is knowing oneself, one’s natural talents, strengths and challenges;
  • Knowing and recognizing the uniqueness of each member of the team;
  • Knowing the intrinsic motivational needs of others;
  • Knowing the work environment that is most conducive to everyone to develop their full potential;
  • Knowing each person’s specific communication and leadership style;
  • Identifying what gives energy to people and conversely, what takes it away.

So how do you allow team members to deepen the awareness of themselves and others? Thanks to psychometrics of course! In just a few minutes, an entire team can be evaluated to gain valuable data from which to develop self-awareness and a knowledge of others. It is by working in parallel on two levels that we obtain the most success.

  • Individually, starting with a psychometric assessment process including an individual meeting with an expert for better self-knowledge.
  • Collectively, by making the whole team aware of certain elements of the psychometric profile of each member, through consolidation workshops.

Better communication for better collaboration is a workshop that focuses on interactive dynamics at work (IDW). As part of this activity, each team member is assessed with the MPO psychometric tool, more specifically the communication profile of each is required.

That communication styles workshop is based on a three-step process:

  1. Identifying your own dynamics
  2. Understanding how others work
  3. How to adjust ourselves to the needs and styles of others

The main objectives of this workshop are:

  • Getting to know each other better individually and collectively
  • Improving communication
  • Building winning, productive teams
  • Strengthening the quality of relationships

At Les Alchimistes Conseils, given the nature of our interventions, we are able to see, with each of the teams we support, that a better knowledge (or awareness) of oneself and others, always generates exceptional and transformative results! Self-awareness is a priceless gift that an employer can offer themselves and their employees!

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