On the Origin of Les Alchimistes Conseils!

On the Origin of Les Alchimistes Conseils!

The adventure of Les Alchimistes Conseils began long before I knew my life would lead to creating this organization.

Its foundation traces back to the very beginning of my life, when significant events contributed to shaping the person I am today and my feelings toward self-transformation!

In regards to the concept of Alchemy and the alchemists, it isn’t so much the transformation of base metals into gold that interested me. Though this angle could have had a marketing impact along the lines of: “Turn Your Human Potential into Gold” or something of the sort, it’s the approach of the Alchemist himself that interested me.

One of our acquaintances said to me one day that what we do in terms of intervention is like alchemy: when we come into contact with people, they transform their perceptions and their actions. I liked the concept and this is where the idea of Les Alchimistes Conseils originated from.
Also, the more I read and researched, the more I realized that the real transformation of an Alchemist is his very own! He becomes his own melting pot! His thinking evolves with his discoveries as he needs to understand the impact of his actions on the product he wants to create, but also on himself and his understanding of the world around him.

These revelations comforted me in the naming of this organization, which is comprised of individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of people and businesses.

Les Alchimistes Conseils are therefore like a transformation vector for the thoughts and actions of individuals in their work environment, acting as leadership consultants and agents of change in the organizational world.

Les Alchimistes Conseils
183, rue Saint-Charles Ouest
Suite 201
Longueuil (Québec) J4H 1C8

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