Roxane Chaussé

Business Partner & Consultant

Explorator / Expressive

With a great ability to grasp and present issues in a simple and clear manner, she has training and solid experience in management, human resources, business coaching, communication, accounting and in the field of psychometrics.

From the outset, people say they are reassured by Roxane’s presence. Even in the heat of the moment or under pressure, she remains aligned and calm in order to help everyone find the right path to take.

The ease with which she creates an environment and relationships of trust by relying on the collaboration and commitment of everyone allows her to quickly achieve concrete results.

Credible, solid, clear in her ideas and words, the combination of her knowledge and interpersonal skills, gives her effective and stimulating know-how.

Passionate about the business world, Roxane has worked in management since 1995. She has led organizations in the health sector while being a business owner herself.

Roxane Chaussé - Les Alchimistes Conseils

Les Alchimistes Conseils
183, rue Saint-Charles Ouest
Suite 201
Longueuil (Québec) J4H 1C8

(514) 963-3247

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