Michel Bélanger

President – Founder

Expressive / Expressive

Michel has an unrelenting passion for the human being and his continual quest for improvement. His aspiration is to be a better person every day. This involves a consciousness of himself and his environment, as well as a measure of his impact on the world around us.

Prone to action and passionate for the outdoors, he combines sport and travel to discover as much as he can about this great planet and discover others in their own specificities and universes. He has a known talent for discovering what is unique about a person and helping them maximize their potential and find their place in the organizational strategy.

“Miracles are a shift in perception.”
Kenneth Wapnick

A trained psychologist and “psycho-curious” by nature, he strives to help his clients achieve success by transmitting his knowledge through trainings, conferences, and individual and team interventions.

His profile of expressive communication renders him both inspired and inspiring. He has worked in various types of organizations, and contributes to the success of clients in fields of activity as diverse as services, manufacturing, retail, sales or production.

His entourage refers to him as being a conscious leader who transforms those he comes into contact with.

Michel Bélanger - Les Alchimistes Conseils

Les Alchimistes Conseils
183, rue Saint-Charles Ouest
Suite 201
Longueuil (Québec) J4H 1C8

(514) 963-3247

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