Zélia Lefebvre

Client Experience Counselor

Coordinator / Cooperative

After a decade of working as a corporate strategist and digital community manager, Zélia returned to school to further develop her expertise in change management, among other practices.

The integration of digital life into businesses is disconcerting for many and not only requires the embrace of change, but also necessitates the establishment of one’s relation to others in order to create a mobilized, vibrant and authentic community. “It’s by better knowing yourself that you can develop greater emotional agility and bring to light your strengths and talents to reach zones of “flow” and higher performance.”

“All individual change implies collective change, and vice-versa. When surroundings evolve, so does the individual.”
Bruce Lee, The Lost Interview (1971)

Zélia is refreshing in her acute observations and unconventional approach to a team’s activities. Curious and engaged in her own personal journey of growth and understanding of her uniqueness and its potential impact, she seeks the angle through which she will contribute to developing the leadership that resides within each person and provide support in periods of change and adaptation.

She is a powerful pedagogue who simplifies concepts to allow as many people as possible to integrate change and performance to their life.

Renowned for her sense of strategy, creativity and boundless curiosity, Zélia puts all her enthusiasm and good will to the service of her clients, so that they take the leap together towards a viable and lasting transformation.

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