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Our foundation : psychometrics

We use science to identify your employees’ personality profiles, motivational needs and communication styles.

Our personality tests are : 

  • MPO, Mobilization and Performance in Organizations
  • DIT, Interactive Dynamic at Work
  • We use other tests for potential evaluation



We are humanists, guides and entrepreneurs

We have held senior positions in organizations in Quebec and around the world, so we understand your problems and can help make your business succeed. We guide you in directions that make sense for you and that reflect your culture and convictions. With our humanist sensibility, we believe that what makes you unique also makes you strong.

Your self-sufficiency + our presence

We focus on making managers self-sufficient by giving them the tools they need: only professionals can interpret the tests accurately, which is why we offer training to create analysts within your company. And we are always available to answer your questions and guide you through any situation.

Psychometric tools

The MPO test, which stands for Mobilization and Performance in Organizations, was created in Quebec in 2010 by a team of organizational development professionals.

Michel Bélanger, a partner at Alchimistes Conseils, helped design the test: “MPO is a scientific tool that creates a portrait of individuals and their behaviour within companies. Its objective is to improve performance and happiness at work, by ensuring that the talent within an organization is taken into account.”

MPO assets :

  • Reliable : compliant with the standards of many psychologists associations and meets the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission requirements for discrimination
  • Quick and practical : the test takes around 15 minutes to complete and is done online
  • Multilingual : French, English, Spanish (Italian and Arabic coming soon)
  • User-friendly interface, concrete, understandable language
  • Upon request, instant conversion of the MPO test to the IDW variation, which focuses on communication styles

Enterprise applications :





Talent acquisition: Make the right choices – MPO

  • Profiler: the position profiling targets the right personality for the job
  • Right match: concordance analysis of the ideal profile/candidate profiles
  • Multigraph: validate the superior-subordinate pairing

Talent management: identify and retain top performers – MPO

  • Plan career advancement and succession
  • Improve performance: performance gaps and corrective action
  • Refine your leadership style to encourage commitment and mobilization
  • Set performance objectives

Team building: improve communication – MPO and IDW

  • Conflict resolution
  • Organizational development
  • Happiness at work

Know your personality and leadership style – MPO and IDW

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Psychometric tools
Psychometric tools

Coaching and Guidance

Management and executive coaches are like trainers for athletes: they ask them to perform at an elite level.

The coach provides personalized guidance, allowing people to develop in their work environment: slowly they change how they perceive events to make better choices. This is to improve personal performance and, in turn, team performance.

Remember: the hard part isn’t taking action, but knowing what to do!

Enterprise applications:

  • Tapping into unused talents in people
  • Addressing behaviour
  • Improving individual and group performance
  • Adapting leadership
  • Making informed choices in career, succession or business situations
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Coaching and Guidance

Potential evaluation

High potential is like a rough diamond just waiting to be polished.

Putting the right people in the right place makes companies more agile, increases their ability to attract talent and delivers better performance.

Enterprise applications:

In talent acquisition or for internal mobility, pinpointing people’s talents lets you:

  • Successfully integrate them to the company or their new position
  • Generate engagement by taking their profile into account
  • Identify the conditions for success
  • Spot people’s potential to take on more responsibility
  • Better target training and professional development programs
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Potential evaluation

Conscious leadership

To lead means “to guide on a way especially by going in advance” (Merriam-Webster). This concept relates to the idea of getting somewhere with people, particularly through one’s actions.

From “executing leader” to “inspiring leader”: The 21st century leader knows how to generate employee engagement through a clear vision of the organizational context and what is unique about the team.

There is no ONE TYPE of conscious leader: there is awareness and the ability to align and guide others toward a clear, inspiring destination, regardless of personality type.

Become a conscious leader with MPO manager training!

Enterprise applications:

  • Express and share a clear vision: speak the same language
  • Get everyone behind a project and the vision for it: common understanding
  • Foster a team’s cooperation and complementarity
  • Increase exemplary behaviour
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Conscious leadership

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I want my team members to be sitting in the right seat and be able to work from their strengths. Having their MPO profile in mind gives me one more tool to make better organizational choices.

Caroline Baril, Co-owner and Assistant Director

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Voyages à rabais

MPO helped me create a portrait of my teams and made sure I had the right people in the right place.
It’s a user-friendly tool that lets me better manage the careers of our high-calibre employees, who have profiles that are in demand. We avoid losing the good ones, and we plan their advancement within the company, based on their preferences and their potential. We have improved how we interview and have a better sense of how to check on any concerns.

Cindy-Lou Shapcott, Director of Human Resources

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