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“It took 30 years before my dream to go back to Morocco came true, not as a student, but to build a business with my partner, a specialist in personal performance in the workplace.


Many of you have family or acquaintances in Quebec.


You know that Quebec’s openness and accessibility attract people in search of opportunity, where they can use their talent to build a better future.


You also know that Quebec’s business culture is based on managing performance and valuing and helping talent grow. Potential and achievements are the best calling cards for a promising career.


This is the spirit in which we have come to Morocco: to ensure that talent is identified, valued and allowed to develop within Moroccan companies. But particularly so workers can find meaning in what they do, understand what is expected of them and contribute to their full potential, ultimately improving corporate performance.


I also recognize that the time I spent at HEC Montréal in the 1980s was an opportunity to meet Moroccans who are making our Moroccan adventure a business endeavour and a source of great personal joy.


I would like to thank them for making a difference in our lives.”


Nathalie-Anne Croft, Partner

Houda Amor

MPO Director, Morocco

Houda is known for her tremendous presence of mind and ability to take action. Listening to needs and identifying talent in others make her a particularly valuable source of support.

With an education in political science and human resources from European and Moroccan universities, she has experience in corporate HR and a number of years in journalism with a major Casablanca radio station.

Building on her expertise and time spent with Les Alchimistes Québec, Houda wants to support managers and teams in their efforts within organizations.

Through coaching, awareness of motivations, self-awareness and team-building workshops, Houda will help make your organization a success.

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