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I want my team members to be sitting in the right seat and be able to work from their strengths. Having their MPO profile in mind gives me one more tool to make better organizational choices.

Caroline Baril, Co-owner and Assistant Director

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Voyages à rabais

MPO helped me create a portrait of my teams and made sure I had the right people in the right place.
It’s a user-friendly tool that lets me better manage the careers of our high-calibre employees, who have profiles that are in demand. We avoid losing the good ones, and we plan their advancement within the company, based on their preferences and their potential. We have improved how we interview and have a better sense of how to check on any concerns.

Cindy-Lou Shapcott, Director of Human Resources

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La Cage

MPO is a critical tool for us, because it enables us to choose the right candidate. Plus we can gain insight into and evaluate our current employees. And it helps us with their career paths and personal development. Since we fully integrated the MPO profiles into our decision making, we have been through a number of reorganizations with increasing success.

Jean-François Dubé, Vice-President, Operations

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La ferme des voltigeurs

Over time, MPO has become an indispensible tool in our staffing process. The more we use it, the more we see how reliable the results are, effectively predicting employee personalities. Plus its features are easy to use, and the display page is user friendly. I can’t say enough about MPO.

Bruno Fugère, Human Resources Consultant

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Ubisoft is a big fan of MPO; we have been using it since it was developed. The target profile means that you can put the right people in the right place when recruiting or preparing for the succession. With the MPO test, employees learn about themselves and identify avenues for professional development. Plus from a group point of view, MPO gives teams a detailed overview of their personality profiles. So team members can figure out their combined strengths and their blind spots, enabling them to be effective quickly. This is a major advantage for a company like ours where work is project-based. MPO is precise, user friendly, quick and easy to complete, and the support from Les Alchimistes Conseils is always efficient and a big help.

Josianne Martel, CHRP, Organizational Development Advisor

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